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Public lands

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Should a list of publicly owned land be made public? Should our publicly owned natural heritage be sold to pay for modern infrastructure projects? These were questions posed at a recent all-candidates meeting in light of the recent controversy surrounding the sale of township land in Glen Valley and Aldergrove.

This 7-minute video clip shows the answers from Jack Froese and some of the candidates.

Growing interest, growing concern


Members of SRES and neighbours living close to the water pipeline construction site on 52nd Ave. invited township council members, candidates in the upcoming municipal election, the media, and township staff to see the water pipeline construction site for themselves.

We appreciate those who were able to take us up on the offer: Councillor David Davis; candidates Petrina Arnason, Clint Lee, Kevin Mitchell, and Scott Nichols; and Tara Macrae, township staff.

Photos, documentation, correspondence between SRES and the township

Pipeline work chops up riparian zone


The Salmon River can be seen behind the trees on the right. Crews are working on weekends as well to try to address each problem as it comes up.¬†More photos from the construction site of the 52nd Ave water pipeline. Several candidates have taken a look at the work and damage that’s been done. We appreciate their interest.