Where are we with the Trans Mountain Pipeline

There is progress

recent information from TMEP re stream crossings

TMEP has announced that they are using trenchless technology on over 40 streams instead of the 7 streams that were planned 2 years ago.   There are over 700 streams that the pipeline will cross.  So the question is whether TMEP will use trenchless technology on more of these streams or what other methods will they use to minimize impacts on streams and habitat.

SRES is pleased that our lobbying and presentations to the NEB has shown results with TMEP agreeing to use more up to date stream crossing technology on some streams.  But there is more to do to ensure that this pipeline minimizes impacts on streams and habitat and more to do to make sure that any impacts from the pipeline result in proper rehabilitation of habitat (mitigation) and in compensation for habitat lost.


Doug McFee

Chair, SRES

February 2, 2020