TWU and the Wall farm


UPDATE: In March, the B.C. Supreme Court rejected Metro Vancouver’s challenge of Langley Township’s decision to allow development of the Wall farm. (The B.C. Supreme Court’s decision.)

There has been tremendous controversy around the development of 65 lots on 20 acres belonging to Trinity Western University (TWU) and 50 acres of the Wall farm on Glover Road and along the Salmon River.

The Salmon River Enhancement Society opposes this development proposal because:

  • This is all prime agricultural land.
  • This development would cause more flooding downstream because TOL requirements do not prevent an increased volume of water downstream. Farmers have put TOL on notice that they would pursue legal action against upstream development.
  • Residents in the area are warning that traffic problems will worsen.
  • Despite widespread protest coming from several days of public hearings, the majority of council members are still pushing this through.
  • Rezoning this property is completely at odds with the ALR, the township’s Official Community Plan, Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy (which TOL approved), and all good planning principles.
  • TOL taxpayers will have to pay extraordinary expenses for the legal battle with Metro Vancouver over this issue.
  • This development represents spot zoning and the thin edge of the wedge because there will be growing pressure for more ALR land to be developed.
  • The Wall farm subdivision, touted as part of a “university district” is no such thing. It has no physical access and only indirect proximity to TWU.
  • The rural character of this area will be lost with this development.

The Wall family has promised 50 acres to the township if this proposal goes ahead. However, these 50 acres are already protected from development by stream protection rules so there is no advantage to the township.

TWU/Wall farm development timeline

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