Resources for students

Resources for students

Society members have researched resource material that explain environmental and river stewardship that is suitable for students. We welcome your feedback and additional suggestions. Send us an email.

Books for elementary school-aged students:

Salmon Creek
Annette LeBox

The Lorax
Dr. Seuss

Salmon Forest
David Suzuki & Sarah Ellis

Ancient Forests
Margaret Anderson, Nancy Field & Karen Stephenson

A Tree in a Forest
Jan Thornhill

Discovering Salmon
Nancy Field & Sally Machlis

A Freshwater Pond
Adam Hibbert

A Salmon for Simon
Batty Waterton & Ann Blades

Cleo the Salmon
Janet Brown

Books for high school students

Mark Kurlansky

Dead Reckoning
Terry Glavin

Good News for a Change
David Suzuki & Holly Dressel

The Sacred Balance
David Suzuki

State of the Northwest
John C. Ryan

Tax Shift
Alan Thein Durning & Yoran Bauman

Wildwood: A Forest for the Future
Ruth Loomis

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