Independent professional engineers

The risk of an oil spill off the coast with oil tankers not carrying sufficient liability insurance (most are owned by single-purpose companies that can declare bankruptcy if a problem arises) could put the taxpayer on the hook for the huge costs of cleanup.—SRES

“If Enbridge and Northern Gateway are so confident this project is safe, why don’t they assume full financial responsibility for a spill?”—Concerned Professional Engineers

The Concerned Professional Engineers site was developed by 7 retired engineers no longer in fear of losing their jobs. They examine the Kinder Morgan and Enbridge’s pipeline projects from an engineer’s perspective. Subheads include:

  • Are you prepared to pay for a major tanker spill on B.C.’s coast
  • The risks of a major tanker spill on the B.C. coast are not “small”
  • A flawed risk analysis
  • The cost of cleaning a spill
  • Can a spill be cleaned?
  • The NEB’s joint review process is not scientific
  • The Joint Review Panel is not interested in understanding the details